What People Are Saying About Summer Capricorn

Ariel Celeste

New York City, NY

Not Your Typical Coming of Age Story

Summer Capricorn is a surprisingly fun, heart lifting story considering its potentially heavy content. It spans a summer in Adam Nicholas' life while he is in limbo between careers. To pay the bills he takes any job he can find and ends up in the last two places anyone would think an accomplished musician and budding computer programmer would go. 


Each chapter is a vignette. A picture painted about a moment in Adam's life, a personality he encounters, or a new experience that challenges his traditional concept of living. Poignantly told these are engaging stories that draw you in and make you curious, almost forcing you to turn each page. 


My only mistake was reading the back jacket cover. This isn't so much a story about Adam as it is a story about what happens to Adam. And things seem to just "happen" to him. These events are seen more through his eyes, as if he were a passive participant as opposed to the proactive wrestling a character in flux usually goes through. So in the end I didn't really know Adam and didn't feel like I had a relationship with him. I couldn't share in his joys or sorrows (and there are many), because I couldn't identify with him at all.  Don't let this discourage you however. None of this takes away from the book. It just makes it a different kind of story and not the one I expected. 


So read Summer Capricorn. Live in the wondrous world that is Goat Hills farm. Invest in and get attached to the odd and intriguing personalities in the ninety-nine bed locked facility. Don't be afraid to embrace this odd little world that Adam lives in, even if it is just briefly and feel good that in the end Adam comes out of it all ok.