What People Are Saying About Untarnished Reputation


New York City, NY

A helluva good yarn--colorful, well-researched, a great read

It is 1901, and the man who is about to become one of the nation's most beloved presidents has quite a story to tell his trusted friend and bodyguard on the train carrying him to Buffalo, NY to be sworn in after President McKinley's assassination. How did Theodore Roosevelt, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and a fascinating collection of well-known or otherwise colorful characters come to inhabit the goings-on in the same small Montana town in 1886? What secrets from events 15 years earlier does Roosevelt need to keep hidden from the public in order to preserve his "Untarnished Reputation?" This historically plausible, carefully researched, and beautifully spun yarn is full of fascinating characters, surprisingly interconnected story lines and plenty of intrigue. Any fan of TR, the Old West, or just a terrific story well-told will love this book. Inspired by a controversial old photograph found in a magazine concerned with the "old west," Mr. Row, in his second novel, has given us a truly enjoyable read.